Since I’ve never actually given him a proper introduction or anything and I’m a few people who happen to come across me on the Internet are bound to ask, the fox that sits on my favicon, my avatars, and my home/lockscreen is Rix.

While it may seem strange for some, I am a furry. A lot of negative connotations still float around that word but lately there has been a shift in the way the community is viewed as a whole that makes me feel more comfortable being open about that part of my life.

Most of my involvement with the community is purely online but as far as it being an everyday thing, I’m not that involved. Meeting me IRL would not give you the impression that I was one. I usually dress in a polo shirt and jeans, the “dress code” of IT but ironically is also my every day clothes is a plus to me.

I use Rix as a way to express myself online as having my face as my avatar didn’t exactly “fit” my personality as much as an anthropomorphic fox could. Also it gives me a character that is my own to use. Just going online and looking up the generic profile pictures that people usually set just no longer felt enough for me, I wanted something that was without a doubt mine, something that I couldn’t get bored with or over time feel like I would want to change.

Rix is also my outlet out of the IT world. I’ve put too much of my time and effort onto the Internet so having him as an escape helps keep me sane 😛

All the artwork I’ve gotten is SFW, a large part of that being because he represents me both on and off the Internet and feel like I can’t just put him in NSFW commissions without that putting a negative light on myself.

Art Credits:

Rix riding Pooltoy – jearic_fawkes

Rix with laptop – Orlando_Fox

Rix Rockruff Icon – Shlimaz

Rix Icon – RoxyFoxRab

and for Rix’s original design – SepiaPaws


21 Year old System/Network Administrator. Tech enthusiast, Net Neutrality Activist, Privacy Advocate, Supporter of end-to-end encryption, Fluffy Internet Fox


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