So it’s just coming up to a month since my last update and I’ve got lots of news to share.

First things first, I’m going to be launching my Discord bot to the world in the coming months and so far it’s got lots of features I can’t wait for you guys to try out.

As part of the development work, I’ve started a Patreon specifically towards this effort. For the first 7 people to pledge $5 I will be offering access to the live streams and beta tests which will allow a small group of users to be able to take the bot into their own servers and test out the features to their hearts content. Along the way I will be requesting users submit feedback and bug reports so that I can see what parts still need work, what features people would like to see, and what features are really confusing or don’t work quite like they should.

I’ll try to answer a few potential questions ahead of time in this blog post.

Will there be a free version?

Currently there is no plans for a free version of the bot yet. Mostly because I currently lack any meaningful way to track which servers/users have paid the $5 fee. On top of that, due to the nature and size of this bot, I will not be offering a free version simply because of the overlapping features that other freeware bots have to offer. I do not wish to compete with other free bots out of courtesy. This bot also contains many features that would unfortunately be disabled in the free version that would dramatically reduce the effectiveness of using the bot in many cases so instead of angering people with a half-cocked bot I’m removing that hurdle entirely.

What if I somehow found your bot invite link?

Like I mentioned, this bot already has plenty of features that work in it’s favor. One of those is the ability to remove itself from servers not already authorized to hold it. This is done in a few ways.

  1. Whoever owns the server must possess a valid subscription to the bot. Without a valid subscription the bot will sit in a disabled mode.
  2. If someone would like to “donate” their license to a server they may privately PM the bot and enable their license on top of the server. This will allow the server to use the bot for as long as the user who owns the license remains in the server.
  3. While the bot is currently in development it is prevented from joining any other servers not owned by the developer in order to prevent abuse from commands that are still being actively worked on.

Licenses are non-transferable and are tied to a specific Discord user so please do not delete or lose access to your discord account without cancelling the bot subscription first.

Why do I have to pay $5 every month?

In order to maintain the bot as well as provide infrastructure for the bot to run on I am requiring a $5 monthly fee which helps support me in working on the bot full time as well as offsets the costs necessary to run the bot. This includes the physical server infrastructure, bandwidth, and growing costs as more hardware becomes necessary to keep things running. In order to provide servers with a secure bot platform all bot functions including endpoints and databases are hosted on dedicated servers which are not cheap. While this protects the bot from attacks that are common across shared hosting environments like VPSes it comes at a higher operating expense. The money will go towards better server hardware which will allow us to handle more users across more servers and continue to provide quick responses no matter how many servers we are handling across multiple shards.

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