Around the time I created my first ever email address on Yahoo in 2005 at 8 years old I also created my very first social media account on the infamous I didn’t really do a whole lot with it, I made a profile, added in stuff i wanted, made changes to my page. Anybody remember those glitter icons?

Of course you do 😉

Unfortunately the time for MySpace has come, after a botched server migration which rendered almost all data uploaded to the site between 2003 and 2015 gone. 12 years of user data was irretrievably lost forever. The decaying remains of MySpace is a sobering experience to say the least. While most of us have moved on to better platforms, nobody actually thought that the former social media giant of the past would lose their data. While they did migrate pictures and friends over, all other bits of data were lost.

While I understand nothing lasts forever its still quite a shock to hear about. While I haven’t used MySpace in forever it’s still sad to put into perspective just how much stuff everyone lost that was not backed up anywhere else. That would be like Google suddenly shutting down and every file you uploaded into Google Drive was suddenly gone and unfortunately I don’t believe this is the last time the Internet will experience a massive loss of data.

While it may not seem possible now, Facebook is no different than MySpace and could very well have the same thing happen to it. MySpace was dethroned by Facebook around June of 2009 and it only took 8 years for the once king of social media to disintegrate (going to 2017 when the data was lost). Where will Facebook be come 2027? With the current shift towards privacy and end-to-end encryption on the company’s roadmap its possible we may see a significant history wipe if auto-deleting messages become a thing, what is stopping Facebook from pruning their databases of messages older than 2 years?


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