A bit late on this months updates but better late than never.

I have a backlog of posts I’ve been meaning to publish since last month and I don’t mean to give the impression that this blog is abandoned I’ve just been distracted and been riding the crazy wave of life that just happens to take you for a ride. The last 3 months have been a blur, it seems like just yesterday I was starting work on my discord bot and now it’s been 3 months since that started, it’s crazy!

Discord Bot –

So far progress has slowed down on the bot, one of the things I’m finding needs to happen is a significant restructuring of the core and startup code. Currently the bot is able to import actions and functions in a rather blind way, the recursive include happens at startup and has on numerous occasions lead to issues on startup due to bad code in any of the functions and modules. While this is okay from a development point of view, as a product I would like to expect it to be able to handle issues in modules in a controlled way that allows the bot to successfully start even if an error in one module occurs.

Mastodon Instance –

If I hadn’t mentioned it already, I run the Puppo Space Mastodon instance. So far the instance has slowly accumulated up to 30+ total users and gone through a few much needed upgrades.

The instance first started with the database, web, and redis components all on the same server. Overtime as traffic to the instance started to pick up I migrated the database onto it’s own separate system. Performance to the site improved but will eventually become a problem later on as without making use of read replicas or a failover database. The current environment spans across 2 dedicated servers so any attempts to create a failover would be futile as a failure on one side will still have some effect on the site overall.

Current expenses put the site around $60-$80 a month, $17.99 and $10.99 for both servers, $30 for the base subscriptions in Cloudflare (Argo and Load Balance) plus their bandwidth costs of .10 cents per GB transported through CF. Without any additional funding or donations to offset the costs I will not be able to add on any more servers or services. The site has a failover in place if the primary web servers go down it will failover to the standbys running on the same system at the database. In the event the database server goes down then the entire site comes down.

Booplab –

The Gitlab instance doesn’t see any real traffic outside of my use, which doesn’t bother me at all. Most of the time I check for updates and it just goes on it’s merry way. Pretty low maintenance which is awesome.

BoopMail –

So this is probably a new one but I’ve been sitting on it for some time now. I’ve been looking to get into the business of doing public email. For the past year I have actively maintained and managed my own email server infastructure for all my projects. Everything runs back to a custom built docker container that holds all relevant email services and their configurations. In my environment I went with a combination of Postfix, Dovecot, OpenDMARC, OpenDKIM, SpamAssassin, and ClamAV. I of course make use of the SSL certificates and use STARTTLS for all email delivery. BoopMail will eventually take over mail delivery for Puppo Space, and Booplab once the service is up and running.

So that’s a sort of rough overview of what I’ve been working on and hope I’ll have more posts out this month.


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