Pardon my absence, Last month was a very stressful time for me where I was running around and trying to put out fire after fire (not actual fire but you get the idea) and had little time to engage or do anything and I apologize for that.

This month I feel I have a better grasp on everything and looking forward to putting more stuff up as well as doing some live streams if time and subject permit. Pretty much all last month I was focused on building a Discord bot in Ruby and I’m happy to announce that project is getting close to an alpha release. The reason why this isn’t a beta is because while the bot works there is a lot of fluff that needs ironing out and lots more testing and changes before its ready for prime time use.

HOWEVER… If you would like to test drive what I’ve got so far feel free to join the official discord server At this moment in time there is no public release of the source code just yet while the bot is in development but once I reach a point where I feel the code has reached a mature point in time I will happily share it out.

Keep on the lookout though, If I do host some live streams I will most likely be writing more code onto the bot so if you wanna peek behind the scenes that would be the best place right now.


22 Year old System/Network Administrator. Tech enthusiast, dn42 AS Operator, OpenNIC T2 Operator, Fluffy Internet Fox


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