I realize I hadn’t posted much more on this blog yet and decided it was best to explain why in a short update.

In September I had to undergo an amputation below the right knee due to a childhood condition (Congenital Psudoarthrosis) which prevented my Tib/Fib from fusing properly. Long story short it ended up needing to be amputated and now 3 months into recovery I am making headway on getting a prosthetic.

Appointments have already been scheduled in advance and I have been waiting patiently for everything to fall into place. 

In other things, I’ve spent the last few days playing World of Warcraft (Kaomichu – Moon Guard) and maintaining a few other sites.

Below is a list of them in case you were interested.

puppo.space – Mastodon public instance with open registration.

booplab.com – Public Gitlab instance with open registration

scourgethorn.com – Website currently unavailable but currently runs a public TrinityCore 3.3.5a server, plans are in motion but this project is pretty much on back burner right now. Since there is no web registration that means it’s impossible to login for now.

boopmail.com – Public email service, no webpage yet. Planned idea but waiting on infastructure. 

I’ve also put work into building up a discord bot for myself, I don’t plan on allowing public discord servers to use my bot since a majority of tasks it is currently able to handle are hardcoded (Stuff I wanted to be able to do, building to the most specific specifications instead of giving myself a general solution that could provide hooks.) but I do have plans to make it better.

While working on all of this I’ve also had to make room for family and friends interactions so I apologise for not being as active as I would like to but I am definitely keeping busy.

Thanks for stopping by.

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