While I’m not one for sharing details regarding any of my projects except for ones I’ve already open sourced (or continue work on in private) I am starting on a new idea that I will hopefully have more information on as time goes on.

I’d like to direct the thought at Facebook’s recent breach of 50 Million user accounts. Trusting a centralized platform run by a corporation who’s primary revenue comes from selling data to 3rd party advertisers (every post you share, every post you like, every page you visit, every photo you share, your contacts, your friends, your family.). I want people to take a good hard look at the landscape of social media and ask yourselves if you really know how your data is being used.

While I can’t say that Facebook isn’t giving this their all to fix the issue, I want to request users who still use the platform to look towards other social media sites and work towards deactivating or even deleting their Facebook account all together. While the current top reigning platforms (Twitter, Google+, and others) isn’t perfect, they have yet to be burned so harshly by the flames of data misuse and breach on the level Facebook has for the past few decades.

To the developers of Facebook: The death knell has rung for Facebook, Quit your job while you still can and cash out any stocks you may have in the company because its only a matter of time. While the current Administration in Washington won’t shut you down, Investors in Wall Street can smell the blood. GDPR will be the biggest nightmare Facebook will have to face and I’m afraid the news is correct, if this is as big as its been claimed to be, this will be the end of Facebook.


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